Do Your Tax Online | 100% Accurate

Do Your Tax Online | 100% Accurate

Why You Should Do Your Tax Online

Do Your Tax Online | 100% AccurateIf there’s one thing that you can count on, it’s the annual changes to tax online filing. Some of the changes make sense, and some others don’t. You’ll also find changes in many of the tax software programs, and you will probably find a few new faces in the market too.

Another change is the creative advertising done by the major players. Most of their internet offerings emphasize free tax filing, when in fact, only certain taxpayers will qualify for it.

They generally have higher prices for their tax online filings. They often try to justify that by making you think that they are doing you a favor at that “low” price.

To entice you to click on their ad, they use the word free over and over again. Their goal is to get you into the program and hope that you didn’t bother to read the fine print buried at the bottom of the page.

As you start the program, the word free quickly disappears when you see that you didn’t qualify for the free federal return. Yes, only the federal return is free and you will pay to file your state return.

All of the software vendors, including ours at, offer free filing of the federal return. There are different gross income amounts that qualify. [bctt tweet=”Income below $100,000? See if you qualify for a Free return.” username=”FileTaxOnline”].

We have a low fee to file your state return, and it is clearly specified on the page. Our innovative software program will ask you a few simple interview style questions and from your answers, will present you the required forms for you to complete.

You enter that data from the forms that you received, and our program will review everything. It will determine all deductions and tax credits that you qualify for, and will enter them into your return.

During the review, the program determines the type of tax return that you need to file, and does this automatically. If you qualify for a simpler return, such as a 1040EZ, it completes that and you pay the lowest fee.

Once you review your completed return to be sure that you entered all of the data correctly, you’re ready to e-file. We offer free e-filing to the Internal Revenue Service for all returns and also to your resident state.

If you need to file returns to several states because you earned income there, we file those at no additional charge as well. Only one low fee to file and no fine print or other charges. We also will maintain your basic information for next year in a highly secure database at no charge.

Due to higher earnings or perhaps itemizing deductions, many taxpayers don’t qualify for the 1040ez form, and must file a general Form 1040. Some often have a sideline business and must file the Schedule C, while some others have a rental property that requires a Schedule E form.

Once you enter your data for these other forms, the intuitive program completes all of the forms and calculates the return accurately. It’s really amazing just how fast it does this, and guaranteed 100% accuracy.

All of this is done at the low fee quoted to you as you do the review. At this point, you aren’t under any obligation to pay and finish your tax online filing. Should you need any help throughout this process, an e-mail to us will get you going again quickly. Naturally, this is free as well.

You really owe it to yourself to try our amazing software. You will be able to complete your tax return right up to the point of e-filing. If for any reason, you don’t want to file, you can stop right there with no obligation.

We appreciate your interest in our firm and value you as a client. Anything that we can do to earn your business will be done. Click on the link below and give this awesome tax online filing program a free try.

Click here for an easy way to file your taxes online.

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