Our Testimonials

You are the greatest!
““You guys are the greatest! You were there when I needed you. You not only answered my e-mail, but reviewed my return at no charge. I have been contacting my friends and telling them to use your site.””
Recommend your site.
““I  recommend this site and the online tax preparation program most highly! Try it for yourself…you won’t be disappointed!””
No hype, just the facts!
““What a joy it is to find someone who gives you straight talk without the hype. We used the online tax preparation at your site last year and it was as fast and easy as you said. We also made use of your freebies offered, and they were extremely helpful. You can be sure that we will be back next year.””
No longer uneasy to file online
““When I discovered how secure the entire process was, and how simple it was to answer a few questions, I was sold! The online tax preparation program calculated my return quickly and accurately and even e-filed it to the IRS and my state. I was then able to print a copy of the returns for my records. All of this, and at a low cost.... Read More
Thanks a lot.
““This program is as easy to use as you said. I had my return completed in no time at all and my refunds were in my bank account in a matter of days. Thank you and I will see you next year.””
No longer a novice.
““I no longer am a novice at online tax preparation and am very comfortable in filing my IRS tax form online. I used your site the past two years and am very pleased with your excellent service. You actually responded to my e-mails in less than one hour, and answered my question. I will very definitely be back next year.””
Fast refunds & easy to file
““My wife and I filed our taxes online with you last year and we could not have been more pleased. We were new at this and were a little uneasy. After going through the simple interview sheet, we were amazed how easy it was to file taxes online. We had our refunds deposited to our bank account in a few days. We highly recommend everyone... Read More
A very satisfied customer!
““I used your online tax preparation this past year and was amazed how easy it was. I paid a CPA high fees in past years, and was very pleased with your low fee and fast refunds”.”
Confused at first, but not now.
“This was all new to me & was a bit confused. Your quick e-mail reply explained it good and I had no problem after that. It really was easy and so fast. Especially getting my refunds in 8 days. Wow, this convinced me!”
No more Turbotax!
“I used Turbotax last year and feel that I got stiffed with their higher fee.I had a couple of items that only their higher priced return would prepare. I looked at your pricing package and saw that your 39.95 package includes any type of return. I’ll definitely be back here for next tax season.”
Thank you!
“Last year was my first time doing taxes online. I answered all of the questions very carefully, and was amazed how fast my tax returns were done. Thanks so much.”
A great site!
“2015 was the first time that I used an online filing site. I had been going to a CPA and his high fees just turned me off. Your site was so easy to use and it took me only about 30 minutes total. Thanks for making it so easy and low cost. I’ll definitely be back next year.”