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Outsourcing or Online Tax Preparation? It’s Easy if You Do It Smart

Online tax preparation is easyOutsourcing tax preparation appears to be quite popular for some of the large accounting firms in recent years. This may have led, in part, to the proliferation of many of the online tax preparation sites.

The overall cost of tax services in a local office has increased substantially in the United States. When you factor in the cost to fully staff an office, outsourcing becomes very attractive. This not only applies to tax preparation, but to accounting services as well.

Outsourcing tax preparation poses numerous benefits to the firm. First and foremost, is that outsourcing tax preparation reduces the heavy labor cost in wages, benefits, and payroll taxes.

We know of one large local accounting firm that uses a different method to reduce labor costs in tax season. They have a tax program that actually prepares the tax return.

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The client is given a tax organizer that he/she is required to complete. They bring in the completed organizer along with the various W-2’s, 1099’s, etc, and a clerk scans everything into the software. The program completes the return, and a first reviewer checks the results for typos & any omissions from the forms.

Then a second reviewer checks the results to make sure the return is accurate & all credits and deductions are there. After that, the owner of the firm signs the return & an appointment to pick up the return is made. The client still pays a very high fee.

The firm’s cost for the software is higher, but the labor and other costs are minimized. They don’t have the hassle of hiring part time workers to staff up for tax season either.

Other accounting and tax firms that prepare a large number of tax returns are faced with this same high labor cost. Additionally, they are limited to the volume of returns that their staff can properly process. By turning to outsourcing, especially to India, they can handle a larger volume with the same staff.

As the level of technology rises, more and more can be done to reduce the overall cost of tax preparation. Also, the number of clients that do online tax preparation is on the rise. Looking at the number of firms that offer these services is proof of that.

Our firm has no interest in outsourcing, and has, instead, partnered with a large national tax software developer to offer online tax returns. Drake Software, who services in excess of 30,000 firms across the country owns, and provides their outstanding software for the site.

This site, offers online tax preparation services to individuals in every state that has an income tax and at low cost. If you qualify under the IRS guidelines, your federal return is Free with a small charge for the state return.

There are only two price ranges after that, from 19.95 to 39.95 for the most complex returns that would include business or rental schedules. Direct deposit gets you your refunds in a few days, and if you want, the low fee can be paid from your refund.

So, instead of having your return prepared in some foreign country, why not join the movement to keep Americans employed. Give our site a try and see just how fast and easy online tax preparation really is. You can do it! Click this link for easy online tax filing.

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  1. Nicolas says:

    Hello, thank you for your guide on online tax preparation, it’s very clear.
    I have to join the movement to keep Americans employed, I got this site from my pals since I clearly can’t do this by myself, I depend on guides. So if a guide tells me that this is the thing, I have to try that. As mentioned, I have tried every guide but this will be the best because it is very explanatory. Your online tax preparation was very clear and easy to understand. Such a great work you’ve have done in putting this together.

  2. Kate says:

    This guide is the best with a clearly written and fully explanatory step by step guide. An awesome guide about online tax preparation, thanks very much. I followed all the instructions given here and joining your site is best decision I have made. I have searched for a guide on online tax preparation but couldn’t find an explanatory one like this; you’ve done a great job! I must commend you for the great work you are doing. It such an easy to understand one on one approaches. The steps were clearly written and easy to try. Thanks a lot

  3. Zayden says:

    This is very informative. Being a women entrepreneur and outsourcing is very challenging but going through the detail you provide about online tax preparation, am going for this..! As the level of technology rises, we need what could be done to reduce the overall cost of tax preparation. I used the above guidelines and ensure it reaches most people in my audience. Thanks.

  4. Rachael Mills says:

    I am getting more and more information about online tax preparation on this site. The way the guide and instructions have been well detailed and explanatory has been really helpful. Please keep up the good work. I will still have to learn more though before I start.

  5. Alice says:

    Truly brilliant article, while doing our own taxes, picking the right tax prep program is essential., Unless we wait until the very last minute. One had to be specific and confident, which is the right service – balancing our requirements for ease of use and affordability.
    This post is of great use.

    Thank you.

  6. Ana Wilkins says:

    Very interesting talking point, having the right article sharing right information about online tax preparation is the most important for those who planning saving their taxes.

  7. Ian Horn says:

    It is difficult to understand what the form is actually asking while filing the taxes with pencil and paper. But it is true that filing taxes online with e-file is not only easier but also much safer than filing them manually. Filing taxes online can save a considerable amount of time and money. It is very user friendly and intuitive which indicates that the operation is very easy. It can be prepared from any where and also help a business owner to become more knowledgeable about the finances. It also ensures that it will provide the result with greater accuracy. So, it is good to prepare the tax in online mode.

  8. Choosing the best taxation and bookkeeping services is a must. There are many online services available but how sure are you that they are legit? Thank you for sharing this site. I hope you can also visit ours.

  9. samantha says:

    Thanks for sharing this informative article. Nowadays peoples more likely to do all through online it self. Tax preparation through online also become more popular now.

  10. Randy Pape says:

    That’s a very smart way of mitigating the risks associated with tax retailed outsourcing while also reducing those huge labor costs during the season. This would enable your firm to pass the savings to your clients.

  11. Ashwin says:

    I honestly never knew that online tax services were available. It definitely seems like it would be a good option to at least look into.

  12. Berea CPA says:

    Don’t waste time on doing things that require professionals. Hire the best to get the best services out there for your company.

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