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Facts Everyone Should Know About Free Online Tax Filing

Free online tax filing if you qualifyAs soon as the New Year rings in, you’ll see all types of ads, especially on the internet, saying you can do free online tax filing.

Before you get too excited, you need to understand that only the federal return is free, if you qualify for the limitations imposed by the site that you chose. Not all taxpayers will qualify for the free online tax filing.

There are many firms that offer online tax filing services and each has their own criteria and limitations on who qualifies. Ours, at, is no exception. What you need to look into further is the charge that is made to file your state return(s).

As an example, our site at, starts everyone with the free return, and if our criteria is exceeded, then your return would fall into one of the next two categories. The criteria for the 2015 tax year was as follows:

  • Gross income less than $100,000
  • Filing status single or married filing jointly
  • No dependents other than the taxpayers
  • Standard deduction only
  • Earned income credit is okay
  • W-2 income, unemployment income, interest income below $1,500.00
  • Cost to prepare your state return is only $9.95

If you had a very complex return that included a business schedule and/or a rental schedule, the maximum cost is only $39.95.

If you check out the IRS free file program, look carefully at the criteria listed by those sites that participate in this program. Some will have lower income limits, age limits, and a number of other limitations that you need to be aware of.

A number of firms offer various forms of the free online tax filing program. We think that ours is one of the best, even though it doesn’t get the attention that the big three get.

We offer the same four guarantees that they do and we believe that our simple interview process is hard to beat.

There are many taxpayers that continue to go to a professional tax preparer. [bctt tweet=”No need to visit a tax preparer. Our fees are very low & program is so easy to do.” username=”FileTaxOnline”]

Some of them also advertise “Free online tax filing”, but what they actually mean is free e-filing. To my knowledge, none of the online tax firms charge for e-filing.

Before you call your tax preparer for an appointment, why not give our program a try? You can actually prepare your return and see what the numbers are, free of charge, and no obligation.

You might discover that you can prepare your return online, and save several hundred dollars. If you qualify for our free online tax filing, your cost for filing your taxes is only $9.95

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