Filing Taxes Online | 8 Reasons Why

8 Reasons Why Filing Taxes Online is the Best Way to Go

Filing taxes online is fast and easyFor some individuals, the idea of going paperless is a major stumbling block. There is still a significant number of Americans who mail in their returns, but each year more are filing taxes online.

Are there any benefits in filing taxes online?

Because of what electronic filing offers, the IRS estimates that it will increase in record breaking numbers. This is what e-filing offers:

  • You will receive refunds faster – when you e-file your tax returns, no human hands touch your return and processing is faster and smoother.
  • Much more accurate – The many errors that the IRS had in the past with paper filed returns, has been mostly eliminated with electronically filed returns. When filing taxes online, math errors and most other areas are accurate. By and large, e-filed returns is the way to go.
  • You can file taxes online early – E-filing early will get your return completed and in the system. If you have a balance due on your return, you can e-file your return early and print out a voucher. You can mail it in with your check in April, or pay the balance due online.
  • File Federal and state taxes together – You can e-file your federal and also your state return at the same time after your return has been completed and reviewed.
  • You have proof that you filed your returns – Just as soon as you e-file your federal and state returns, the e-filer has a receipt of the transmission. Usually in about one day, a written acknowledgement is sent by the IRS and the state agency stating that they have accepted the return and processing has begun.
  • How can I file taxes online – It’s quite simple really. If you had your tax returns prepared by a professional tax preparer, they will automatically transmit your returns electronically. If you purchased a tax software program, you will most probably have a choice in how you can file. [bctt tweet=”Filing taxes online is much easier than going to a tax preparer. Less cost too.” username=”FileTaxOnline”]
  • Am I required to mail anything in – If you have your returns e-filed, there’s nothing to mail in unless you have a balance due. You have the option of mailing in your check with a voucher or you can pay the balance due at one of the online tax payment centers.
  • Do I need to keep any records – Yes, you absolutely should. In my tax preparation office, the client brings in all W-2’s, 1099’s, and other receipts for deductions, etc. I’m required to keep the original of any form that has tax withheld, and I make a copy of everything else.

 The client receives a folder from me that contains a complete copy of the federal and state returns. They get all of their receipt documents back and copies of the W-2’s and 1099 forms. The folder also contains a copy of our privacy policy. We advise the client to keep the file in a safe place so that they will be able to find it in the future.

As you can see from the above points, there are many benefits in filing taxes online. As a matter of fact, if you visit our online tax filing site at, you can do this filing yourself, and at a low cost.

We offer the standard guarantees and do recommend this type of tax filing. It’s safe, fast, and so easy to do. A simple interview process will guide you through it. Try it free, and see for yourself just how easy filing taxes online really is.

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