File Tax Return Online Like a Pro

File Tax Return Online Like a Pro

How to File Tax Return Online like a Pro Even if You Aren’t

File your taxes onlineIn spite of what some accountants tell you, learning how to file tax return online is not that difficult. You don’t need a college degree in accounting either.

Most of the time, you don’t even need to see a professional tax preparer, nor do you have to go to a department store and buy an expensive tax preparation package.

Chances are, if you’re reading this article, you probably have a tax return that can easily be prepared on our online tax filing site.

Take a simple return to a professional tax preparer, and you’ll probably pay a fee of $150.00 and up. Add to that, itemized deductions, or maybe a tax credit or two, and that fee doubles at least.

Compare those fees to our highest priced module of $39.95, and you’ll see why so many are going to our online tax filing site at to do their taxes. Sitting down somewhere to do research on how to file tax return online is a thing of the past.

Our current client base begins with teenagers and includes senior citizens who are well into their retirement years. Many of them have been filing taxes online for years and have saved quite a bit in tax preparation fees.

Some of these clients only have a simple standard deduction type of tax return, and many qualify for our free federal return. Many others file returns that include a Schedule C, business return schedule, and they didn’t have to learn how to file tax return online either.

Just to give you an idea of the tax preparation market, do a search on the internet for online tax filing. You’ll be presented with 30 or 40 MILLION offers that will even confuse a seasoned tax preparer.

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Most of the offers will be from the big five companies who hire professional search optimization experts. They pay many thousands of dollars every month to make sure their ads are on the first couple of pages in the search results.

We’re not as big as the other firms, but our program is just as good and our professional service is better.

Our own tax preparation firm has been preparing tax returns for over thirty years and can answer your questions, free of charge. We learned how to file tax return online so that you don’t have to.

Our primary goal is to make sure that your experience at our online tax filing site is a pleasant one and that it really is easy to file your return. You don’t even have to know what type of tax return you need.

Just by answering a few simple interview type questions, will allow our highly intuitive software program to select the type of return you need. It’s all automatic… the best way for you to file and the lowest cost is what it does.

Plus, if your income is below $100,000.00, and you meet some other IRS guidelines, you could qualify for a free federal return. If you qualify for the free federal return, you only pay a low fee to have your state tax return.

Sometimes, you may have to file more than one state return because you had income in a second state. Then, there is no extra charge for the additional state return. This is just an example of how easy it is to file taxes online at our site,

Once you’ve answered the simple interview questions and entered your data from your W-2 and other tax forms, our program knows what type of return that you need.

It also selects and completes all of the required forms and schedules for you automatically. Plus, it also makes sure that you receive every deduction and tax credit that you qualify for. No need for you to know how to do taxes, unless you really want to.

After you review your completed return, you then can e-file it to the IRS and also your state. By also choosing to have your refunds by direct deposit to your checking or savings account, it will speed things up.

Print out a copy of the returns for your file and then our program will store the pertinent information for next year.

For those of you who aren’t quite sure about online tax filing, give our program a try free of charge, with no obligation. If you don’t know how to file tax return online, don’t sweat it, we do. All we ask is that you give this awesome program a try and see what it can do for you.

Check it out here, Free of charge!

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