File Income Tax Online To Save Money & Time

File Income Tax Online To Save Money & Time

Learn How to File Income Tax Online to Save Money

File Income Tax Online To Save Money & TimeYou started to gather your tax information early in January and thought about how to file income tax online this year. For the past three years, your wife’s cousin had been preparing your tax returns.

It usually took him about two weeks to complete them, and then he handed paper forms for you to mail in to the IRS and your state. When you asked him about e filing them, he gave you a weird look, and said that he didn’t trust computers.

Four to six weeks later, your refund checks came in the mail, and you knew that there must be a better and safer way of filing taxes. Actually, there is.

Several options are available that will show you how to file income tax online for faster refunds.  Your first option is to decide whether you want to mail in a paper return or file electronically. This one is a no brainer. Filing a paper return is very, very slow and e filing is very, very, fast. No more paper returns!

Can I learn how to file income tax online? Is it really that easy?

The next decision that comes to mind is whether to try this yourself or maybe hire a tax professional instead. You find last year’s return and begin to scan the hand written pages. You filed a joint return with your wife and only had one W-2 form for your job down at the school.

After looking through the current year tax forms, you see a second W-2 for the summer job you worked in a different state. That employer even withheld taxes for that state. Wow, will I know how to file income tax online now?

The other income that you have to report is just some bank interest and last year’s state tax refund. You scan last year’s return some more and see that your two children are listed as dependents. Your daughter is 18 years old and is a high school graduate.

Your son just started high school and is 15 years old. Nothing difficult there you think. You look at the Schedule A and it doesn’t appear unusual. You have real estate taxes, mortgage interest, and a few church donations.

All of the current year forms are in and you have the figures to put on the Schedule A. You ask yourself, can this be so hard for me to do? You still feel a little uneasy about the entire process, so just to be safe, you decide to take it to a professional tax preparer.

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Your wife’s cousin never charged you anything to prepare your return, so you are curious what the tax professional would charge. Your friend gave you the name of the CPA who he uses, so you decide to call him. He asks you what forms you have, and the information for the Schedule A.

He quickly says, no problem, and quotes you a fee of $400.00 for the federal return and the two states. After the shock wears off, you thank him and think that maybe you can file the return online after all., a fast and easy solution for online tax filing

Your neighbor next door tells you about our website, an online tax filing site that he’s been using for several years. He gives you the URL, and you are anxious to go home and give it a try.

You rush through dinner and sit at your computer to type in the URL for our site. You arrive at our site and scan down our landing page, and you become to feel more confident. You click the link at the bottom of the page, and then arrive at our login page.

So far, so good. After you login, the software program begins to ask you a few easy interview questions. The interview questions are answered and then the program asks you to input the information from your W-2’s and 1099’s. Nothing hard about that.

As soon as you do that, your return appears on the computer screen for you to review. Wow, that was really easy you think. As you scan down the completed return, you see an item that wasn’t on last year’s return. There’s a $1,000.00 child tax credit that your wife’s cousin didn’t take. You wonder what else he may have missed.

Not only did the online tax filing program know that you qualified for the child tax credit, but it also prepared both state returns that you are required to file. Now that’s what I call knowing how to file income tax online.  Does this intuitive software program make it this easy? It sure does.

You no longer hesitate. As you pay the low fee for the return, you’re again amazed to see that it covered the federal return and also both state returns. What a deal. You’re ready to e file the returns and print out copies for your file.

You click the link and the returns are e filed. About ten days later, you see that all of your refunds were deposited to your checking account as you directed. By this time, you still find it hard to believe…especially the extra $1000.00 that your wife’s cousin missed.

The money for that summer vacation you have planned for the family is now in the bank.

If you want to know how to file income tax online yourself, just click on the link below. You can try it free of charge, with no obligation.

Click here for the easiest online tax filing experience.

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