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Filing Federal Tax Returns for an Expat? Better Read This First

Filing federal tax returns as an expat is easyExpats, or expatriates, are an unusual type of taxpayer in the United States. This is because even though they don’t stay or work or live in the country, they are still required to file federal tax returns.

Most of the time, they are required to pay taxes both in their country of residence or work as well as the United States, which is a double financial burden on them!

So it follows that expats would want to be extra careful to make sure that they pay the lowest amount of tax that is required. One of the best ways to ensure that is to file their federal tax returns online using our online tax filing service.

Our online tax platform for tax return services is designed to be easy to use and to provide accurate and updated information based on the IRS rules.

There is no need to do a search to find the best program to file federal tax returns. In the past, most of the returns for expats were done by CPA’s who specialized in this field. No more!

Doing your tax filing yourself or going all the way to the United States just to file your taxes is now no longer a necessity thanks to our expat tax service. You now can do this easily and quickly online from the comfort of your home.

You also don’t need to rely on the often dodgy advice of family or friends who may be well meaning. But they probably don’t really know the latest news and updates about the tax system and regulations in the United States.

There are a lot of different regulations for different people, including expats, and even tax breaks to reduce your tax bill.

In the past, specialists in filing federal returns for expats were the only ones qualified to do this. Now, thanks to our highly intuitive online tax filing program, you can do this yourself.

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Our online tax program begins with an interview process, asking you all of the pertinent questions. Your answers will determine your filing status and whether you qualify for various deductions or tax credits.

Then, and almost like magic, every tax form that you must complete is noted by the system. You enter the information from the tax forms that were sent to you, and all of these forms and schedules are completed, automatically.

If you were filing as an expat for the upcoming 2016 tax year, the program would know that you either lived permanently in a foreign country or lived and worked in that country for 330 consecutive days in 2016.

It would also know that you qualified for a foreign earned income exclusion of $101,300.00 for the 2016 tax year. That amount would be deducted from your total income in calculating your US tax bill.

In most cases, you would also be able to deduct the taxes paid to that resident country from the total income, and pay tax to the US on that balance.

You no longer need to know all of the various rules and regulations to file federal tax returns. As a matter of fact, you can file federal tax returns online as an expat. Our intuitive program knows the rules and will complete your return for you.

It even knows about the housing expense deduction that some expats may qualify for. Overall, even though all foreign income is taxable, the various deductions and credits do reduce the income taxable to the US considerably.

So, why not give our great program a try this upcoming tax season for 2016? You can try it for free, no obligation or strings when filing federal tax returns. This link will take you directly to our program.

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  1. Kenneth says:

    This is totally cool and interesting. I have been searching for information about filing federal tax returns and this guide has been a great help, it works perfectly fine for me. Very clean and well organized with extremely clear explanation and instructions. Thank you for your effort for giving out such a guide for free. Thanks for always providing us with useful information. Thanks once again.

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    I want to commend you for the great work, providing information on how to easily file federal tax returns. From the conclusion I finally know exactly what needs to be done, using your expat services is the best decision I have made. Your online tax platform for tax return services design was easy to use and it provide accurate and updated information based on the IRS rules. Thanks very much.

  3. Fabian says:

    What a breath of fresh air. I have been reading on how to easily file federal tax returns but I felt that this guide reached out to me. After try your site, I no longer need to know all of the various rules and regulations to file federal tax returns. As a matter of fact, I can file federal tax returns online as an expert. The author writing is witty, hilarious, and purposeful.

  4. Rachael Mills says:

    This is an interesting piece and a proper guide for filing federal tax returns by an expat. Though not applicable to me but its applicable to my fiance, I will inform him about this site and encourage him to go through and also consider filing his taxes online.

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