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The Secret of Best Online Tax Filing

You'll find us among the listing for best online tax filing vendorsLast year, 2015, over 119 million Americans filed their taxes electronically using some type of e-file system. Many of these individuals looked for the best online tax filing service they could find. Some took advantage of the IRS Free file and others used online tax programs, such as ours at

The Internal Revenue Service estimates that millions more will take advantage of this option in the future as filing taxes online becomes more and more common. While this is still not a majority of tax payers, the ease of filing this way makes it so attractive. Because of that, more individuals are likely to go this direction in the future.

There still are many tax payers who remain wary of filing their taxes online. Despite all the advances made, many still don’t trust Internet security for any type of activity.

They will say things like: “I would never buy anything online, much less pay my taxes on the Internet.” It might surprise many of these individuals to learn that the level of security required for these best online tax filing sites in many ways makes them safer than using an accountant or sending anything out by postal mail.

In order to use online tax return preparation software, a tax preparation vendor must apply for and receive third party privacy and security certification. They must also be in complete compliance with federal regulations regarding the privacy of taxpayer information for all customers.

Additionally, these companies may not use any information gathered in the process of preparing a return for any other reason than that which has been authorized by the taxpayer.

There’s no secret made about it, and no exception to these rules. All sites that are linked on the IRS e-filing network absolutely must meet certain security guidelines.

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All these sites must support the advanced and well-respected 128-bit encryption to help guarantee that all information is scrambled and useless to hackers, with only the IRS able to descramble it to process an e-filed tax return.

There are a few quick ways to determine if a website is secure or not. One of the most obvious is to look at a website’s web address. If the URL starts with “https” instead of the much more commonly seen “http,” then you know it is secure.

Many sites also have the icon of a padlock on the toolbar, which is another good sign of extra security. If you want to get a little tricky, you can check how encrypted the site is by right clicking in the body of the text.

A window should be displayed indicating if the site is encrypted or not. This can also be found by clicking on the tab marked “File” at the top of the screen and then “Properties” further down.

However, don’t allow concern over security as an excuse to not file taxes online. If you stop and think about it, you are probably less secure going to an income tax preparation office.

You could be dealing with a total stranger and his/her employees to whom you are giving access to all of your personal information. Can you be absolutely certain that your most confidential information is secure, and will not be divulged to any outside party? Probably not!

So, please give us an opportunity to show you that we are among the best online tax filing providers. Visit our site and try it free, no obligation.

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