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Want To Know Where the Best Online Tax Filing 2016 Is?  12 Reasons Why.

Best Online Tax Filing 2016How many times have you made a search on the internet looking for the best online tax filing 2016? Did you find what you were looking for? Most people don’t.

Most of the search results are reviews of the big five firms with their many pricing scenarios that only confuse instead of inform. To make matters worse, many of the reviews are canned advertising by affiliates of these firms.

We won’t add to the confusion by comparing five or six online tax preparation vendors. Instead, we’ll tell you flat out who offers the best online tax filing 2016. Our honest opinion is based on our thirty (30) plus years of experience as tax preparers for individuals, all types of businesses, as well as fiduciary accounts. That online tax vendor is

They use the same tax preparation software that many thousands of accounting firms across the country use, including our firm. The software is developed by Drake Software and we feel that it is the best. It’s very easy to use, guaranteed 100% accurate, and always current with IRS regulations with continual updates.

To begin with, at, you may be a first time user, but with our highly intuitive software, it’s a piece of cake. [bctt tweet=”You can file your taxes online with us just like a pro! We do the grunt work.” username=”FileTaxOnline”] There’s no reason why filing your taxes has to be a frightening experience. We make sure that it isn’t by doing all of the heavy lifting for you. This is why we’re the best online tax filing 2016.

  • A simple interview style of tax filing – After you login, you’ll be presented with some easy questions to answer. No need to worry about the different tax forms you may have to fill out. Your answers to the questions will let the program select them for you. In addition, it will make sure that you get every deduction and tax credit you’re allowed so that you get the largest refund.
  • Your prior year data is updated – If you happen to be a returning user, we offer another big time saver. com maintains a highly secure archive of your data. Any information that is used each year is automatically brought forward to the current year tax forms. That includes any type of carry over losses such as when you sell stock or other investments.
  • Accurate return – Our software developer takes accuracy to a very high level. As your tax return is being calculated, it’s checked for all possible omissions and errors by running it through hundreds of verification procedures.
  • Fastest refund possible – We offer and recommend our free e-filing for all returns. When you choose direct deposit also, you’ll discover that this is the quickest way to get your hard earned refund. We also keep an eye on the status of your refund, and if it should change, we’ll send you an e-mail.
  • We automatically complete your state return – We take all of the required information from your federal return and complete your state return for you. If you had income that was taxable in more than one state, we do all of those too. As many as you need.
  • Your tax data is secure – All data that is transferred from your computer to the file servers at is highly encrypted to make sure your privacy isn’t compromised. The servers at are verified by TRUST e®
  • Pay your fee from your refund – Many taxpayers will be able to file a free federal tax return if their taxable income is $100,000.00 or less and they are filing a 1040EZ return. For other taxpayers who don’t file a free federal return, our low fee can be deducted from your refund. Now that’s convenience.
  • Help is available – Sometimes when you’re filing your taxes online, a question comes to mind, or perhaps you may need help with some item. Help is always available using our online program help, or if you want to chat with a live person, that’s available too. Even if you choose to use e-mail to contact our service team, you’ll always find timely and friendly assistance from USA based technicians.

This is how we can guarantee satisfaction. When you use our online tax filing, you will find our guarantees of accuracy, simple to use, and affordable.

This is what this means for you:

  • An easy to use program – You can prepare your return, and until you’re completely satisfied and ready to file, you don’t have to pay.
  • Our lowest possible price – Our amazing program will make sure that you file the proper forms automatically based on your tax information. It will always steer you to the lowest price forms first.
  • Maximize your refund – This awesome program will review your return and make sure that you get every deduction and tax credit that you’re entitled to. In that way, you will get the maximum refund allowed.
  • 100% accurate calculation – This guarantee covers not only your federal return, but any state return(s) as well.

You can be sure that you will always get our lowest possible price.

There’s no more hassle trying to figure out which type of tax return to file to see your cost. All that you need to do is to begin filing your taxes online. As soon as you’re done, the program will automatically begin in-depth calculations. Based on your particular tax situation, you will always get the lowest price. And that’s guaranteed.

Here’s our easy to understand pricing structure:

  1. 1040EZ return filing FREE – Millions of taxpayers are able to file this simple 1040EZ form for free. Some general requirements include if you’re single or married and have no children. You have taxable income of $100,000.00 or less and don’t itemize deductions.
  2. Our $19.95 pricing – Those with a slightly more complicated tax return will qualify for this pricing. It generally includes children and other dependents, investment income, various tax credits, and alimony and retirement income.
  3. Our $39.95 pricing – This pricing includes every other type of return including business and rental schedules. This is the highest price no matter how complicated your return is.

You can review the detailed listings of each price category at the bottom of this page.

So what are you waiting for? Click the link below and see for yourself why we think this is the best online tax filing 2016 program. You’ll be amazed at what this intuitive program can do for you.

Check out this awesome online tax filing site here.

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