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File your taxes online and saveIn the United States, the number of taxpayers who choose to file taxes online (also known as e filing) has risen dramatically. Many first-time e-filers are discovering that there are many advantages to doing your taxes online as opposed to filing the traditional method of snail mail.

Online tax filing isn’t a new thing…people have been using it successfully for many years! But the improvement in security and convenience has made e filing far more popular in recent years. When the first online tax filing system was initially trialed in Phoenix, Raleigh-Durham and Cincinnati in 1986, it did little to inspire users. Then in 1990, the online system was launched nationwide. Today the advantages of online tax filing made it the most popular way to complete your tax preparation; offering numerous benefits beyond simply reducing the amount of paper used.

So how do you prefer to file your taxes? Have you hired someone in the past, or struggled through the paperwork yourself, either spending your hard-earned money or spending several frustrating hours going through paperwork and trying to understand how it all works? Do you know the benefits of the online system that everyone is switching to?

For most people the biggest advantage of online tax filing is the speed and convenience. When you file taxes online, you can do it from the comfort of your home. Your information is encrypted and is not handled by human hands, so there is little chance for your personal information to be misplaced or misused. For added convenience, you can usually expect to have the refunds sent directly to your bank account—no more waiting for a check in the mail.

Free Online Tax Filing

One of the best things about filing tax returns online is that many of our customers qualify for free tax filing! Depending on your situation, the more complex tax returns may cost up to $39.99. Filing your taxes with us costs much less than the CPA down the street!

File Taxes Yourself from the Comfort of Home

With our convenient tax return services, you can file taxes from anywhere with an Internet connection. You won’t need to leave your home or office, and there’s no need to put your personal information into anyone else’s hands. Your W2s, interest statements, bank statements, and other documents will be safe in your own hands, and there’s less chance of them getting lost or mixed up if they remain in your possession. Enjoy the comfort and security of handling your own federal tax forms instead of relying on (and paying) others to get the job done.

E Filing is Secure

Since the information online is encrypted and sent to the IRS, your personal info is secure. The IRS is able to unscramble the data to read it, but no one else has access to your personal data. On the other hand, when you’re sending an envelope in the mail, it can pass through many strangers’ hands. Do you trust these people with your sensitive information?

Let’s face it – how could your return possibly be safer while being carried around in a mail bag and stuck in your letter box where anyone could simply take it if they really wanted? When you file taxes online, no human hands handle your return. It’s all automated. In fact, it’s not much different than if you shop online. You would give the same details then, so why not do so to speed up your tax refund?

Looking at things like that makes it clear that the high-security encryption used by the US government has got to be a safer bet!

If you want to persist with the snail mail path, then so be it—it has worked for many in the past, but it’s understandable why a massive number of users are opting to submit their tax returns securely

Save Time with E-Filing

So many of us wait to start filing taxes until April 15th is looming close. All the accountants in the area are busy and you’re embarrassed to call them so late. Good news—there’s still time to file them online! Our service is available any time of the day or night, so even if you’re scrambling to finish those last few steps the night before taxes are due, you’ve got time.

Filing your taxes with us is not only secure and convenient, but it doesn’t take long either. As long as you have the proper documents handy, you just input your information and the online system does the hard work for you, much faster than doing it manually. Did we mention free e filing?

Get Your Tax Refund Quickly

What’s more – with online tax filing, you can see that refund deposited in just ten days! Yes, you can stop rubbing your eyes – you read it right – just ten days! In fact, you’ll get an acknowledgment that you filed within just two days to verify you have completed your tax filing.

Never again will you face the dilemma of claims that no one received the paperwork; with online tax filing you can be sure that your tax return goes through right away and is processed faster than you could ever have imagined!

Plus, you won’t have to worry about your tax return getting submitted late. You’ll receive an acknowledgment of receipt right on time and have peace of mind knowing that your taxes are done for the year!

Clearly, the majority of Americans are coming around to this way of filing taxes. A significant number of returns filed in 2018 were filed online, and that number is increasing each year. Join the millions who have successfully filed their taxes with the convenience and security of 21st century technology.

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If you haven’t yet tried online tax filing, this year may be a good time. With the new Tax Reform changes, most individuals will not be itemizing deductions, and will be filing by using the higher standard deduction. Why not give it a try and file your taxes online as millions do. We offer safety, privacy, a free federal return for those who qualify, and so much more. Click this link and see why so many clients are filing their taxes online.

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Still undecided?

So, don’t delay your decision any longer. Make the obvious choice to give online tax filing a shot. Find out just how easy it is! Start with the Free version, and our tax calculator will help you determine how complex your return is. If your return happens to be more complex and doesn’t qualify for the free federal filing, our intuitive program will move you up to the next version and will make sure that you only pay for what you need, not a penny more. You can do your own research on online tax filing, and you’ll discover that it is really the best way to file your taxes for fast refunds.

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